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If you've got a conference to plan, this workbook package is your new best friend.
After all, it's up to you to make sure this year's event is better than last year's - and on top of that you probably still have your day job to do.
But don't sweat it, we've got your back!
Our colourful, interactive workbook contains top tips and exercises that will give you new and fresh ideas to make your conference awesome. By signing up below, you'll receive the 10-page workbook and the accompanying 2-week series of coaching emails and videos, plus an invitation to book an inspiration call with us. 

We've designed this package so you can experience The So Team approach and tools. It will take you through the thought process we’ve used with leadership teams all over the world to ensure their events are high-impact, memorable and fun.

The workbook package is designed to

  • Make you the hero behind this year's awesome conference
  • Create clarity on the messaging and objectives for the event
  • Give you interactive alternatives to slide shows and PowerPoint presentations
  • Reveal simple tricks to make sure people bring positive energy to the table
  • Know when to run things yourself, and when to work with a facilitator 
  • Avoid common mistakes that kill energy at conferences
  • Get more for your money without looking like you've cut costs
  • Make your event one that everyone's glad they attended

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